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New Years Eve 

2024 Intention Setting Workbooks

Spark the seed of Intention

Why Intention instead of Resolution

Understanding the Nature of Resolutions:
In essence, a resolution is a statement to modify something that you want to improve about yourself or your way of living. Unfortunately, this can lead to negative thoughts about your current state.


Comparing Intentions and Goals:
While goals are about achieving specific objectives, intentions are more concerned with creating abundance and improving your overall quality of life. Unlike goals, they do not suggest that your current situation is inadequate, but instead, they inspire you to strive for something greater.

Embracing the messy and imperfect pathway to fulfillment and joy.
Living life to the fullest is sometimes messy and imperfect; it's not something that can be ticked off a to-do list or accomplished in one go. Rather, it's a beautiful practice that becomes a way of life.

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