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          This is a great option if:

  • you want a little more why behind the movement

  • you are wanting to get back into movement

  • you want to spice up your at home workouts

  • online or in person schedules just don't work

  • Travelling? Move from anywhere in the world

Cost: $21.99+tax  

Save $100 by purchasing :

Annual On Demand Option -  

Cost: $200+tax  

Access for the 365 days

No refund 

Can take up to 24 hours to process Payment


"During a Lo Class, I always say to myself, " awww sh*t this is hard", then when I'm done, "awww sh*t, that was good!" Thank you Lo for always keeping it interesting, and helping me to push myself to places I didn't know I was capable of going"
-Kate E 

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