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"Wonderful class, even online Lo is able to have that magic"


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Strength and Stability
We believe that strength training should be an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Our classes are designed to provide you with the tools and guidance to empower you to reach your goals without any pain. We are committed to helping you find strength and stability within yourself with our comprehensive and tailored classes with knowledgeable teachers.

Over 75 Classes 
Flow with Lo movement is designed to help you develop both physical and mental strength. Our classes include yoga, meditation, pilates, and barre to provide you with the perfect combination of stretching and strengthening to help you feel good in your body. Lo is passionate about helping you to reach your goals and become more confident in your abilities. Our classes are designed to be welcoming and supportive to all levels of fitness, so no matter what your current level is, you can find a class that's perfect for you. Join today and discover the confidence you've been searching for.

"These Barre Classes!! Lo knows how to keep up a heart rate that makes you sweat and feel good about showing up"

Ontario, Canada

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