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Barre Class

"Wonderful class, even online Lo is able to have that magic"

What to expect from On Demand

15- 60 minute Yoga Flow, Yang Yin, Yin, Fuctional Movement, Rocket, Arm Blanaces, Inversions Classes It is important to balance our movement. During these class we will focus on strengthening mobility and stability. Leaving you feeling stronger and at ease through a series of traditional yoga postures and new science movement. 


30- 60 minute Restorative Classes Did you know that the body and mind are in a constant state of Sympathetic Nervous System Response (stress Response). Practicing Restorative Yoga you can tap into your Parasympathetic Nervous System and actively rest the body and mind and gain control of your unconscious patterns. Get on your Pj's grab your pillows and blankets and lets get resting!


Barre Affect Method Classes Barre Affect Method Class (pronounced BAR) what the heck is it?? This Method has students shaking, quaking with new found strength eager to come back for more. This low- impact workout has big results for all levels. Expect a full body workout, and a little cardio. No equipment is required, however adding in light hand weights and a resistance band can enhance the challenge.


30- 60 minute Pilates Affect Method Classes This award winning Method has been designed using all of Lo's movement modalites. Using body weight we work toward focused movement.  Quality over quantity is  our mantra. This class is about strengthening the full body and creating better posture for longevity. We fine tune our movements and understand the why and how behind the movements. Expect some classics and some functional movements. Great for all levels and recovering from injury. Add in a resistance band and light weights for some spice


10-15 minute Meditations Uncover the reasons why you practice mindfulness so that you may overcome inner resistance. In this way, it helps to instil a sense of joyful effort in practice.  ​ ​An anxious mind that’s busy with worry can’t just be told to be quiet. But giving the mind a job to do, such as watching the breath, you can teach the mind to settle down. Next time you find yourself occupied with anxiety, spend five minutes or more on breath awareness and teach your mind to slow down. 

"These Barre Classes!! Lo knows how to keep up a heart rate that makes you sweat and feel good about showing up"

Ontario, Canada

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