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Lesson 7

Structure of a Barre Affect Method Class

Generally a B-A-M (Barre Affect Method) class will run from 40-50 minutes.

Keep your sequence the same for at least two weeks, your students will be able to learn your sequence faster and get the benefits of the movements in their bodies.

Most of the time, we will do three sets of each movement, and each individual movement will be a part of a greater series.

The reason we do this is to give the student a sense of variety, while still working each muscle to the point of failure (or almost to the point of failure).

Barre Affect Method is broken down into eight series

  • Warm up

  • Arm Compound Strength

  • Barre 1

  • Barre 2

  • Floor Barre

  • Core Burnout

  • Plank

  • Cool Down

Each series can be between three to seven different movements. 

Lets Break It Down


Warm up (3-5 minutes)

Every Barre Affect Method class begins with a warm up that starts from the top (neck and shoulders) and works through the body. The warm up is more dynamic and we work toward getting the body moving and getting the joints "well-oiled."

Keep in mind the warm up should:

1. Utilize all major muscle groups

2. Not overstretch the body

3. Introduce some basic Barre movements

4. Be simple enough for any student to follow


Arm Compound Movement 

This series is where we introduce light weights. This series will consist of compound movements and isolated arm movements to strengthen both endurance and muscles of the arms - biceps, triceps, deltoids, scapula and rhomboids. We use repetition and some smaller movements to increase intensity. 

We try to target one major muscle with the other muscles getting secondary attention. There should be at least one movement of pulsing in this section.

There are two ways we can design this series:

1. 'Non Alternating Compound Movement' (longer)

2. 'Alternating Compound Movement' (shorter)

One full set starts with a compound movement

(decide if you will be doing an alternating compound

movement or not), then five to seven isolated arm

movements. This series will be repeated three times.


Barre 1

Warming up feet, ankles, calves, pulsing. WE LOVE TO PULSE. 

Two ways we can design this series: 'One hit wonder' or 'Classic'

One Hit Wonder- four to five movements: there won't be a supporting leg and working leg. Both legs will be doing the same movements (can incorporate a resistance band). This series will be repeated four times. This is the only series to be repeated four times. This is paired with 'Non Alternating Compound Movement' (longer)

Classic- four to five movements: there will be some

movements with both legs working together and movements

with a working and supporting leg.This series will be

repeated three times, BREAK, then again three times on the

opposite side. This is paired with 'Alternating Compound



Barre 2

This series is a burn phase and often has a cardio element.

Three to 5 movements depending on difficulty or target, could incorporate a resistance band. Here you will design movements that have both a supporting and working leg. This series will be repeated three times, BREAK, then again three times on the opposite side.


Floor Barre 

This series we will be working  either on our back, side or in table top.

The primary benefit of floor barre is that it causes less strain on the joints and we get to work deep stability in the core without added body weight.

Design this series:

Back (forearm support)- 3-5 movements x 3 rounds.

After 3 rounds Ending with BEATS

Side body- 3-5 movements per side x 3 rounds.

After 3 rounds Ending with BEATS

Table top- 3-5 movements per side x 3 rounds,

might incorporate a resistance band


Core Burnout

This series is comprised of three core movements. Each movement is 45 seconds (3 counts of 8)  and performed one after the other.

This series will be repeated three times with a break in between each round.

ALWAYS ending with a one minute plank - any variation


Cool Down (5-10 minutes)

Add your creativity to the cool down. The movements in the cool down should address the most challenging movement during the class, but all major muscle groups should be stretched – especially the legs, hips and shoulders. Always end your cool down with 2- 3 sweeps!

Conclude the class with getting your students to breathe together and to congratulate themselves for doing it!

I like to end my class with "breathe in this great feeling

and breathe out that inner critic. Give yourself a hand! "

Sample Class Break Down
Click Pdf and Create your Barre Affect Method Class

Test Questions

Lesson 7 Wrap up

1. How many Series makes up a B-A-M class and what are they?

2. Which Series has a cardio element?

3. Which Series would you use weights in?

4. How many sets do we do of every Series?

5. Which Series is the only Series to have four sets?

6.During Core Burnout Series how long is each movement and how many counts of 8?

7. How will you start your warm up?

8. What do you need to address in your cool down?

9. Which Series can be designed two ways and what are the two ways?

10. Name three ways you can design Floor Barre Series?

11. What are three landmarks of Barre Affect Method Classes?

12. What Series would you perform with the students?

13. How many counts of 8 do you rest, after a series has completed its 3 rounds?

14. If you choose Barre 1- One Hit Wonder, which design would you pair for your Arm Compound Movement Series?

15. If you choose Barre 1- Classic, which design would you pair for your Arm Compound Movement Series?

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