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Lesson 4


With Barre Affect Method, you're working all of your muscles, especially small groups of muscles that are often not exercised. These areas are around your knees, ankles, hips, shoulders, and spine with low to no impact or shock to your joints. To keep the impact low but intensify the effort, we add light weights or a resistance band, and add repetitions to increase the challenge.

Ballet Barre:  The purpose of the ballet barre is to help maintain balance and alignment when needed.Think of your ballet barre (or chair) like your dance partner-- you won't put all your weight on it, but instead use it for assistance. Over-gripping the barre is a common occurrence that you can be mindful as a student or teacher.



Resistance Bands


2, 3, or 5 pounds

Typically used during the arm section of the barre series, which we will explore in-depth later. Light weights can also be used to intensify the arm positions during the barre sections of the series to elevate the practice to a full body workout.

Same with the core section: a simple way to increase the level of intensity during your core reps.


Resistance Band

Typically used to intensify the Barre 1 and 2 series and floor barre. Used in the same way you would use weights. However, with resistance bands, the resistance comes from elasticity, rather than gravity. Unlike weights, the resistance isn't consistent under repetition. Bands come in multiple levels; loop resistance bands are what we use.

If bands are new to your workout, start off low and remember you can always take it out when needed.

Test Questions

Lesson 4 Wrap up

1. What are three props we use in Barre?

2. Name three sections we can use weights.

3. Which sections would you use a resistance band?

4. Why do we use light weights?

5. If weights or resistance band are creating pain, what can we do?

6. What are four arm exercises you can come up with?

7. What are two movements you can use the band with while standing?

8. What are two movements you can use the band with in table top?

9. Come up with three core exercises where you could add weights.

10. Can we use weights and bands together?

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