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Lesson 8


The Business of Barre

Being a Barre instructor is a rewarding job. Every instructor has their own unique style. After teaching for more than seven years, I can say a few things to be true: We love our students, and try to lead fun, exciting, motivating classes and we always want to be seen as a good barre instructor.  

Over my journey of teaching 1thousands of students, I’ve learned many lessons about the difference between being a motivational instructor and a  performative instructor.  

Taking the entire class with your students is not the way to go.  Personally, I feel when you’re performing the entire workout with the class you can’t focus on your students' form and correct as needed.  For some context, if you plan to teach even one Barre class a day, everyday, this would be a lot on your own body.

Tip: I would definitely perform the entire 'Arm Compound Movement' series, and only choose to  demonstrate complex moves during the 'Barre Series'.

From a student and barre instructor perspective, I expect the following from the instructor when taking any fitness class. I feel these make instructors approachable and good at what they do.

  1. Being Human. I think this gets overlooked a lot. I enjoy when my instructor uses their own personal experience to explain a move or uses their humor to correct a word they messed up. I think it’s important for students to realize that your instructor is learning and growing in their barre journey just like you. We are human and make mistakes too!  Are you goofy? Be goofy. Playful? Be playful. Authenticity shows up in a class, and your students will know when you are phoning it in.

  2. Motivational. If I had a weird day and don’t think I can push myself at the gym, I want someone else to do that for me. I want to get my money’s worth! This is often why students show up to a group class instead of doing it themselves. 

  3. A format/outline. Stick to your format and do what you planned! This shows that you know what you are doing!!

  4. Modifications. I personally like when instructors begin an exercise as the modification and make the move harder from there, this is how I teach classes often. Teach the way you like to be taught!

You only have one thing left to do, create your Barre Affect Method Class and teach it!! 

Take your time and practice, practice, practice.

Getting Out There! What You Need to Know

After certification there are lots of ways to get out there and start earning money.

Pros and Cons of Teaching at a Boutique Studio or Yoga Studio:


  • Freedom to teach whatever day and time you would like

  • Choose rate of pay ($40-$50 per class)

  • Already has a client list


  • Might not have barres or barre classes yet (could be an opportunity to grow), will need to purchase barres or get creative

  • Not everyone knows what a Barre workout is, so it will take time to build


Pros and Cons of Teaching at a Gym:



  • Client list is massive

  • Group fitness like barre is common and often not a new workout concept

  • All equipment you might need is available


  • Low rate of pay, that's usually non negotiable ($25 per class)

  • Class times are usually already scheduled and you will need to fit those times to your schedule

Pros and Cons of Teaching Online:


  • Make your own schedule

  • Choose rate of pay (what you will charge your students)

  • Save money and time driving somewhere


  • You will need to purchase equipment like weights, resistance band, maybe a barre (one time purchase)

  • You will need to purchase a streaming platform like zoom ($20-$30 per month)

  • You will need a computer and microphone (one time purchase)

  • Website for sign up and links (yearly cost)

BAM TT Wrap Up

Sequence and record your first BAM class  and send it off for feed back 

Final Questions

1. Date and time you would like to teach your class?

2. Will it be in person or online?

3. Is there anything in this training you would like to learn more about?

4. If you have any feedback , all is welcome :)

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